About Us

Who We Are

DBCodes is a global IT staffing company headquartered in Wylie, TX, and offshore office in Bhopal, India. DBCodes is a subsidiary of Danish Computer Technologies. We are a staffing services and solutions firm that specializes in uniting flexible and direct hire professionals in Informational Technology and Engineering, creating lasting personal relationships with thousands of candidates annually and more than hundreds of customers.

We are committed to your complete satisfaction every step of the way. We have developed and adopted the best in recruitment technology that augments our seasoned recruitment practitioners. Our Applicant Tracking System, Candidate Outreach Platforms, Automated & Digital On-boarding Solutions, AI-based Sourcing & Recruitment Platforms, Applicant Screening Systems and others are best in class.

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"Finding you the leaders of tomorrow" - Redefining staffing

Our Services

We offer the best-in-class consulting services to help you find great resources to make your organization’s goal easily achievable. If you would like to learn more about any of our top candidates, select a profile and contact us today!

IT Staffing

We are the International IT consulting Company,Known for its best in class service for IT Staffing.We value your desire to choose the right employee for your company with proper use of your time and money.

Engineering Staffing

As specialist recruiters within engineering, we know the industry inside-out and appreciate the mix of skills that employers require;whether they need to assemble a project team quickly or recruit someone with niche, hard-to-find engineering skills.

Zero Hour Service

Zero Hour Services offers attractively priced, flexible resourcing solution that allows access to a huge pool of readily available technical resources for any period of time

“Success depends on the people around you. We believe in the power of people: our goal is to unlock a world of exciting career opportunities for our candidates whilst ensuring our clients have top class support all times.”

Our Core Values

"At DBCodes, we value people – the people that work for our company, the people that work for our clients, and the people we partner with to deliver our services. Our core values that are an integral part of who we are, how we operate, and what ultimately drives our success"

Massive Technical Talent Pool

The key to finding great talent is to start with a large source packed with the best of the best active and passive candidates.

Advanced Database Tools

We use advanced techniques to harvest 100,000 active resumes monthly to build our database with unique candidates

Our Commitment

We deliver our promises. Our portfolio comprises of MSP services, SOW project staffing, contract staffing, and contingent program management advisory services

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Welcome to DBCodes, whether you’re looking to hire temporary/permanent employees or are a job seeker looking for a new job opportunity, you’ve come to the right place!