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Are you having seasonal variations in demand and varying staffing requirements? That wont be an issue now because We at DBCodes, provides well trained technical resources, depending upon your requirement, at attractive prices

About Zero Hour Service

Organizations are negatively impacted in their growth path due to recruitment freezes, workforce reduction and the scarcity of specialised skills. Zero Hour Services offers attractively priced, flexible resourcing solution that allows access to a huge pool of readily available technical resources for any period of time based on the organizations’s requirement. This unique service allows onboarding temporary skills fast and economical, while reducing hiring and training costs. Organizations can simply select fr om a wide array of technical skills, well defined and attractively priced on the DBCODES Platform or call our sales team.

Benefits of our Zero Hour Services -

  • Fast & Flexible
  • Greater Control
  • Flexibility
  • Better Control

ZHS flexible Plug & Play onboarding Process


  • An immediate short term resource/Skill requirement arises due to -
  • Hiring Freeze
  • Skill Crunch
  • Attrition
  • Exigency

ZHS Platform Suite

  • Choose Required Services from array of technical skills on offer
  • Pick for the preferred resource from available pool based on requirement criteria
  • Pay using flexible plans. Assign effort using easy to use Job tracking board

3ZHS Global Delivery Centre

  • ZHS resource is available to client remotely to start the delivery

Zero Hour Services Skills

S.No Techologies / Frameworks Modules Submodules Platforms/Domains
1 Firebase Authentication Storage Firestore database Phone Number & custom authentication Media Files (Upload & downloads) Real time database Android , IOS , WEB
2 Java Java SE Java EE Hibernate Spring & Spring boot Rest Apis Micro service with spring cloud Server side scriptings
3 Servers Gcp cloud computer engines Aws EC2 Servers
4 Wowza Media system Wowza Video Broadcast Wowza gocoder sdk for android integration Servers
5 Magento Theme Customize Integrate extensions Setup Adds carts Optimize websites WEB
6 Wordpress Customize themes Integrate themes and plugins Create themes Email setup Use website builders Optimize Website Wowza gocoder sdk for android integration WEB
7 PHP Web development using php Business logic with PHP WEB
8 Code Igniter Model, View, Controller (MVC) Create ecommerce website and web applications using MVC. I am formally work on Codeigniter 3.1v WEB
9 MySQL Architecture Designing -> (database models) Stored procedures and functions Triggers WEB
10 Javascript Client end validations Js Events WEB
11 Jquery Integration with PHP jQuery Events Sending Emails jQuery Validation Integration with PHP for login via API jQuery all events like hide, show, animate Sending emails via AJAX Validate form fields with regex WEB
12 Html & Htmls HTML Tags Web page developments UI
13 CSS Css for web designs Css for website responsive UI/UX
14 Boostrap UI componenets Events and classes Responsivness over pages UI/UX
15 Photoshop Website Mockup Designing Mobile App Designing Mobile App Representation Banner Designing Flyer Designing Email Template Designing Google Advertisement Business Plan Designing App Resources Cutting UI/UX
16 Coral Draw Logo Designing Business Card Designing Flex Designing Graphics Designing

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